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Difference between national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

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The wildlife sanctuary is a declared protected area, where very limited human activity is allowed. Inside a wildlife sanctuary:
The hunting of animals is completely prohibited.
The trees can not be cut down for any purpose.
The clearing of the forest for agriculture is completely banned.
People can collect firewood, fruits, medicinal plants and other stuff in small scale.
It's not physically fenced to restrict the public from entering and roaming inside a wildlife sanctuary for research, educational, inspirational, and recreational purposes

The National park:
Only an approved person can enter into a national park, either via paying a visitor ticket or an approved letter from the governing body.
The visitors can only observe the park inside a vehicle that routes through defined trails.
Visitors can not get out the vehicle for any reason unless there is an approved place for visitors.
Photographs are allowed but research and educational work can only be done with a prior permission.
The park can not be used for any reason like. firewood, timber, fruits…etc.
The national parks are more restricted for the people but earn money that could be managed to develop nature conservation measures

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