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No chemical reaction takes place when granules of a rusty-brown solid A are mixed with the powder of another solid B. However, when the mixture is heated, a reaction takes place between its components. One of the products C is a metal and settles down in the molten state while the other product D floats over it. It was observed that the reaction is highly exothermic.

(a) What could the solids A and B be?

(b) What are the products C and D most likely to be?

(c) Write the chemical equation for the reaction between A and B leading to the formation of C and D. Mention the physical states of all the reactants and products in this equation and indicate the heat change which takes place.

(d) What is the special name of such a reaction? State one use of such a reaction.

(e) Name any two types of chemical reactions under which the above reaction can be classified.

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(a) A is iron (III) oxide and B is aluminium powder.

(b) C is molten iron metal and D is aluminium oxide.


(d) This reaction is called thermite reaction. It is used for welding of broken pieces of heavy iron objects like railway tracks, etc.

(e) Displacement reactions and oxidation-reduction reactions.

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