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(a) Name the metal which is extracted from haematite ore.

(b) Name one ore of aluminium. Name the aluminium compound present in this ore and write its chemical formula.

(c) How is aluminium metal extracted? Explain with the help of an equation.

(d) Name the electrode at which aluminium metal is produced.

(e) Which gas is produced during the extraction of aluminium? At which electrode is this gas produced?

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(a) Iron is extracted from haematite ore.

(b) Bauxite; Aluminium oxide, Al2O3.2H2O

(c) Aluminium metal is extracted by the electrolytic reduction (electrolysis) of molten aluminium oxide. When electric current is passed through molten aluminium oxide, it decomposes to form aluminium metal and oxygen gas.

(d) Aluminium metal is produced at Cathode (Negative electrode).

(e) Oxygen gas is produced; at anode (Positive electrode).

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