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Clear transparent carpet protective film for residential is specifically designed for carpet protection from various types of soiling. Custom formulated adhesive system offers excellent adhesion to most types of carpeting and can be kept in place for up to 60 days to 12 months. All rolls are reverse wound for easy one person application.
Product Features
Residue Free
The adhesive remains on the product and doesn’t transfer to the carpet upon removal.
Industrial Strength
The Clear Transparent Protective Floor Covering For Carpet is puncture and tear resistant to ensure minimal risk of exposing the carpet.
Protects carpets from water, water based liquids and wet foot traffic.
Easy to sweep or vacuum prior to removal, and is encouraged to avoid the spread of contamination.
Technical Parameters
Product   Name: Clear Transparent Carpet Protective Film for Residential
Material: PE
Technology: 3-layers co-extrusion
Glue: Environmental friendly waterborne acrylic acid
Color: Transparent, clear, milk white
Printing: No printing or customer pattern printing.
Thickness: 20-150 microns
Width: 500~1580 mm
Length: 200-1000m
Viscosity: 20-400g/25mm

Strength of Qihui

What We Do?
-Quality Control
1.Checking favourable raw material before producing
2.Controlling the processing on site by professional technicians
3.Testing the product stability by advanced equipments
-Competitive Price
Our price is constituted as follows:
1)High quality products provided
2)24 hour sale service provided
3)Powerful technical support from professional engineer team
-Professional Sale Service
1.Any problem when you use our films, We will help you solve it without any extra cost.
2.If you don't satisfy with our solution, our best engineer will to your company to solve the problems within 7 working days.
3.If we still can't work problems out, we will return your money back directly at first time.
Rich experience in exporting, supplying high quality products and excellent service bring us long term business partners. PE Protective Film For Carpet

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