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Zgdd10-385 (ML) LED power surge protector is mainly composed of MOV, GDT and flame retardant housing, with flame retardant, over current and over heat protection. It is mainly used for the secondary and tertiary surge protection of low-voltage power supply and distribution system and LED power equipment.
1. Large flow, low residual pressure, high safety and reliability;
2. Overheating protection;
3. Small size, convenient for embedded installation;
4. The wire outlet mode is parallel, which is convenient for wiring;
5. Protection grade IP67, waterproof and dustproof;
Technical data
Use environment
Relative humidity5%~95%
Technical data
SPD ( IEC 61643-11)Class Ⅲ
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc (L-N)385V AC
Working frequency50/60Hz
open circuit voltage Uoc10kV
Short circuit current Icw5kA
Voltage protection level Up1.5kV
Protection modeL-N、L/N-PE
Response time tAL-N≤25ns;L/N-PE≤100ns
Application systemTN
Overall dimensions: 49mm×36mm×18mm
Installation type: M3 screw
Flame retardant grade: UL94 V-0
Overall dimensions
Wiring diagramChina Surge Protector suppliers

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