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The Home Rule Leagues (1916-17) carried the burden of nationalist propaganda during the First World War. In this context, explain objectives of the League.

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The following were the objectives of the Home Rule Leagues:

  1. To attain Self-Government at all Levels: Home Rule Leagues aimed at securing self-government for India at all levels.
  2. To attain Self-Government and not Complete Independence: They aimed to secure self-government within the British Empire, and not complete independence.
  3. To check Revolutionism in Indian Politics: The aim of the Home Rule Leagues was also to check terrorism in Indian politics. Mrs. Annie Besant felt that in the absence of a peaceful and Constitutional agitation, there would be dominance of revolutionaries over Indian politics.
  4. To use Peaceful and Constitutional means: The Home Rule Leagues believed in peaceful and Constitutional agitations to achieve their goal of self-government.
  5. To awaken masses: Some time there was a lull in Indian politics. The objective of the Home Rule Leagues was to awaken the sleepy Indians so that they could work for their motherland. The idea was to organize mass political agitation to bring pressure upon the Government.
  6. Repression by the Government: Home Rule Movement was a perfect Constitutional agitation. Neither Tilak nor Annie Besant ever preached violence. The plea of both the leaders was that a self-governed India would be an asset to Britain during the War and even after the War.

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