What is the difference between 'g' & 'G' ?

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asked Feb 1 in Class IX Science by Sakshi Gupta (-254 points)

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3 Answers

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answered Feb 1 by Rishabh Kannoujiya Basic (42 points)
G is the universal constant and g is the force of gravity exerted by the earth.
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answered Feb 3 by Anshul19 Basic (34 points)
G is gravitation constant whose value is constant that is 6.67x10*-22
g is value of gravity and varies from place to place it increses as we go away from equator it's value on earth is 9.8
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answered Feb 22 by Devesh Sharma Basic (28 points)
g-aceleration due to gravity G-gravitational constant  g-9.8m/s2 G-6.67×10-11

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