Given below is a diagram of the female reproductive system of a human being :

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 Given below is a diagram of the female reproductive system of a human being :

(i) Name the parts numbered 1 to 6.
(ii) Normally after how many days does an ovary release an egg ?
(iii) Where are the sperms released during coitus ?
(iv) What do the sperms do after being released ?
(v) What is the function of the organ numbered 5?
(vi) How many days does it normally take from the fertilization of the egg up to the birth of the baby ?

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(i) 1. Vagina
2. Right ovary
3. Ovarian funnel
4. Oviduct
5. Uterus
6. Cervix.
(ii) Normally the ovary releases one egg every 28 days by the rupture of the Graffian follicle.
(iii) The sperms are released by the penis in the vagina near the cervix.
(iv) The sperms swim up the vagina to enter through the cervix into the uterus and up into the oviduct where it meets the ovum.
(v) The function of the uterus is for protection and nourishment of the embryo during the period of gestation.
(vi) The period of gestation is 266-280 days after which the foetus is expelled.

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