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Nickel 200 Nut
The nut is a fastener with internal threads and used in conjunction with a screw for mechanical parts for movement or power.
Baide can offer all kinds of hot forged and cold formed nuts such as hexagon nuts, heavy hex nuts, hexagon coupling nuts, hexagon thin nuts, hexagon castle nuts, self locking nuts, hexagon domed cap nuts and other non-standard nuts according to customer drawings. The size ranges from M6-M100 in METRIC and 3/8” to 3-1/2” in INCH.
Nickel 200 nut has a extremely good property in chemicals resistance. Nickel 200 can also be applied in the oxidizing conditions which could form a passive oxide film in the surface. Nickel 200 can work under the temperatures not higher than 315℃(600°F) to avoid suffering from graphitization that can lead to severely lose of alloy properties. In that circumstance, Nickel 201 can be used instead.
(1)food processing equipment, salt refining equipment.
(2)mining and marine mining.
(3)the equipment required for the manufacture of industrial sodium hydroxide at high temperatures below 300 ° C.
(4)organic or inorganic chloride and fluoride production: resistance to chlorine and fluorine gas corrosion.
Chemical composition:


Physical properties:
Density8.89 g/cm3
Melting range1435-1446℃qualified new alloy fasteners

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