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Wing Chun, one of the favorite Shaolin martial arts, the origin of Wing Chun, generally have several theories: (here we need additional explanation: below and the columns listed in the "swimming" spring "Wing Chun" "Yongchun boxing", for the same denomination of different names. In order not to make the readers misunderstand, this article unifies the "CHANT".
The first argument is founded in Fujian Yan Wing Chun, hence the name of wing chun. Yan Chun is the middle of the Qing Dynasty Shaolin disciples Yan four female, she happened to see the snake and crane fight, inspired in their original martial arts based on the creation of Wing Chun boxing.
The second is that Wing Chun was founded in five Shitai, saw the snake crane competing to five instead of Yan Yongchun. Five Shitai is at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Shaolin disciple, has said she still Shaolin boxing crane master. Because of the southern Shaolin in Fujian by the Qing government to avoid burning, she lived in the Sichuan Yunnan border, Liangshan, when he saw the snake Crane Wing Chun and a fight, then he came to Yan Yongchun.
The third argument is that the five pieces of a Wing Chun, not directly to understand Yan Yongchun, but to the Shaolin disciple Shun Shun Chuan Miao Miao, Shaolin disciples Yan two, Yan two female friends and husband Liang Fu chun. This strict two is said to be strict in front of four.
The fourth argument is: the creation of Wing Chun and five Shitai Yan Yong Quan or had no relationship, not what the snake Crane Wing Chun and fight, the predecessor for spring swimming boxing, is a struggle against the Qing Dynasty organization "heaven and earth" of the martial arts, created for the Henan Songshan Shaolin disciple Yichen bynum. He (or she) are sent to the Tingkun Troupe (called tanshou Wu Sheng Zhang Wu five, is said to have "a unique martial arts tanshou" reputation), five victim Laiyue later settled in the South China Sea, Foshan County town of large tail "Qionghua hall", will be transferred to the opera circle wing Chun Zhu Di sub. After Xianfeng Li Wenmao uprising, his disciples to do the "Wing Chun" and "Yong" word into "permanent" and "chant". Huang Baohua, Liang Erdi, a red flower surface at the Jin et al. Fist, again to open the medicine store and practice in Foshan chopsticks road Ryazan, Ryazan will then carry forward wing chun.
The fifth argument, and Wing Chun for Yongchun boxing, named for the Fujian Quanzhou Shaolin Temple Yongchun temple, but when the learning into the temple in southern Shaolin boxing, the name is Yongchun, the total learning is good Zen Shaolin disciple. South Shaolin was burned, the best escape to Foshan, once hidden in the opera red boat when cooks. After the show in Dongguan dabaobuping Kozo, troupe of people have worshiped him as a teacher. A native of Huizhou Su Niang disciples, for the troupe of artistes, learned especially fine, is known as "Yongchun sanming". After the boat came to the red Niang will martial arts Huang Huabao, Liang Erdi, Huang Liang et al., also Foshan Ryazan, Yongchun in Foshan to carry forward.
One of the most detailed argument is: the origin of Wing Chun Chun, one of the favorite Shaolin martial arts, the two word is for Wing Chun Chun Yan Chun Memorial founder of shizu. The founder of Yan Yongchun by the original Guangdong Fujian, his father in nine strict two public management under the sale of Caroline tofu. It was followed five and Wing Chun master Xi. And after seeing the snake and crane to fight boxing Road, and the five amendment master master, and a martial arts. Wing Chun Shizu request five boxing gold master named Master said your name will be named this Wing Chun Chun, but boxing. Therefore, the name of the official birth of the wing chun.
The founder and after her Liang Bo Qiu, followed by her husband back to Guangdong and the martial arts and Bo Chou, so her husband do the preaching of yongchun. This is the second Wing Chun, in Jiaqing years. Bo and red boat enemy because of the friendly people, and often with friends of Liang Langui, Huang Huabao and Liang Erdi on drinking, Bo Qiu will Wing Chun and Warburg et al exchange red boat in the name of the half past six stick technique. With the red boat drifting with Warburg et al., and in the meantime, they are more painstaking practice, not by studying, the myth of the two years has ended. Liang Langui, Huang Huabao and Liang Erdi can be called the third denomination yongchun. Shaolin stick more Wing Chun Xi half past six required weapon is the beginning of.Wingchun Train

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