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(a) Write the name given to bases that are highly soluble in water. Give an example.

 (b) How is tooth decay related to pH ? How can it be prevented ?

 (c) Why does bee-sting cause pain and irritation ? Rubbing of baking soda on the sling area gives relief. How ?

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a) alkali , NaOH.

b) when the ph of mouth goes below 5.6 , tooth decay starts . tooth enamel is made of calcium phosphate which does not dissolve in water but gets corroded when the bacteria in mouth produces acids by the degradation of sugars.. it can be prevented by brushing with toothpastes which are generally basic in nature after taking food so that the acids are neutralised.

c)bee sting contains formic acid or methanoic acid whcih causes burning pain .  rubbing of baking soda causes neutralisation reaction on the stung area gives relief as the methanoic acid is neutralised by baking soda.
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(a) Alkali

 NaOH or KOH

 (b) Tooth decay starts when the pH of the mouth is lower than 5.5. It can be prevented by using tooth pastes which are generally basic.

 (c) Bee-sting has acid that causes pain and irritation. Baking soda being alkaline neutralises acid and gives relief.

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