Study the given passage carefully and answer the question that follow:

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“They behaved as brave men, calm and unruffled in the face of danger. I do not know how
they felt but I know what my feelings were. For a moment my blood was up, non-violence was
almost forgotten – but for a moment only. The thought of the great leader, who by God’s
goodness has been sent to lead us to victory, came to me, and I saw the kisans seated and
standing near me, less excited, more peaceful than I was – and the moment of weakness passed.
I spoke to them in all humility on non-violence – I needed the lesson more than they – and
they heeded me and peacefully dispersed.”

(1.1) What is the source of the above passage?

(1.2) What were Nehru’s feelings and how did he change them?

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(1.1) Sarvapalli Gopal’s Jawaharlal Nehru : A Biography, Vol. I.

(1.2) Nehru was extremely angry at the brutal behaviour of the police. He had forgotten non-violence totally at that moment and he was very agitated and disturbed.The thought of Mahatma Gandhi, who was an apostle of non-violence and the leader whom he respected, steadied Nehru. He became calm. Another thing that changed him was
the behaviour of the kisans, standing near him peacefully in spite of all the provocation. This changed his feelings to humility and all feelings of violence disappeared.

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