Give two instances from the play, to prove that Mark Antony was a good orator.

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asked Jul 21, 2018 in Class X English by Pearl bansal (-95 points)

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answered Jul 21, 2018 by Pearl bansal (-95 points)
Mark antony wad a good orator as
1) in his speech he diverted the mind of the people
2) he didnot said anything wrong about brutus except that he said brutus and cassius honourable men
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answered Feb 24 by chaitanya 2003 Basic (24 points)
1)he aroused the mob's fury by showing Ceaser's cloak and wounds

2)he praised brutus at the same time justified ceaser's death was done because they were jealous of ceaser's growing power
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answered Mar 18 by Nagasai Munagala Basic (28 points)
The two instances which show Mark Antony as an eloquent speaker are:
1. Mark Antony gains leniancy of the conspirators by saying that he was on their side and supported Career's death.
2. He made use of gestures and rhetorics to his advantage and thrusted the words mutiny and riot to instigate mob against the conspirators.he also opens the will of Caesar leaving 75 drachmas to each Roman which is the last nail to the coffin box of the plebeians of conspirators.

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