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Our History
Zhangzhou Newdreams Technology Co., Ltd has focused on top quality innovative 3d led lamps and innovative promotional gifts since 2014. We started as a small operation, until now have had developed more than 1000 different designs of 3D lamps and cooperate with broth company created new products.
Since 2014, Newdreams accepted customers design to make 3d night lights, we are earliest manufacturer in this field. Growing with our designer team, we refer the clock products, multimeters joined with broth company. We supply innovative appearance products with TOP quality.
Our Factory
Zhangzhou Newdreams Technology Co., Ltd is located in Beidou Industrial Park, Zhangzhou City, Fujian, China. As a global supplier in the innovative products, Zhangzhou Newdreams Technology Co., Ltd is to create added value for customers around the world.

Our Product
Newdreams Technology company Products includes the following:
1, 3D led lamps;
2, Innovative gift clocks
3, Multimeters (broth company)
We supply 3d products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large gifts trader to small individual Amazon.com seller.

Product Application
3D lamps are popular items since 2015, more than hundreds of wholesale seller sell this product on amazon.com, alibaba.com, ebay.com or SNS sales.
More over, promotional gifts take a huge person. Any products can make in 3d illusion lamps, then as promotional gifts send to their customer.
3D animal;
3d super hero;
3d building;
3d sports;
3d super star;
3d cartoon;
3d abstract;
3d home decoration;
3d night light;
Wooden clock;
DIY clock.
In one short, all of our products are interesting.
Our Certificate
To make our products suit for all over countries, we apply sorts of certificate as our customers requirement. CE, Rohs, BSCI ect,.
To keep competition from our competitors, we apply many many many PATENTS for our original design and create products. Most of our products, we have PATENT.
Production Equipment
The following images are our workshop, big produce capacity in our field.cheap Hygrometer

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