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Uncle podger tries to fix a picture on the wall. He sends his daughter to buy some nails and then his son to tell her the size, like this he engages each of his family member in some or the other work. The wall was not so strong. But uncle podger thought it is a piece of cake. He then started to hammer the nail but the picture fell down. To save the glass of the picture he hurt his hand. Then he started to find his handkerchief. He shouted on his all family members and told them to find the napkin. Finally it is found that the napkin was in the pocket of the coat on whom he was sitting on. He then again started to hammer the picture but this time he hammered his thumb. His wife tells her children to go out as Uncle Podger was using bad words. Her wife at the last said that Next time when you'll fix the picture I'll go to my mother's home.

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