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Just give an approximate value

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The average distance between moon and earth is around 3,84,400 km. If you can erect a ladder between these two, at the speeds of 2km/hour, it will take nearly 22 years. But during course of journey you may not find any lodging, or boarding, I don't know the present position on moon, there may be a Nair's tea shop. Of course, if you go by a NASA space shuttle in straight line at 28,968 km/hour it will take 13.7 hours. But it is not possible to take a shortest route.

Apollo Missions took about three days to reach the moon. But the quickest trip to the moon was the New Horizons probe, which zipped past the moon in just 8 hours 35 minutes on its way to Pluto. However, the spacecraft didn't even slow down or approach lunar orbit.



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