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Manav, who is an M.B.A., has been appointed at the post of General Manager in HCPC Ltd. Soon after his joining, he decided to set-up a chemical plant in a residential area. Also, he withdrew all kinds of donation and charity going for running of hospitals and schools for the children of employees.
(i) Do you thing Manav is correct in his decision ?
(ii) If not, in what reference ?
(iii) How can he rectify his mistake ? Suggest.

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(i) No, Manav is not correct in his decision.
(ii) Setting up of chemical plant in residential area; will cause pollution- in the residential area, causing health hazards to the residents. He is also overlooking the social objective of providing amenities to the society.
(iii) Suggestions for rectification of his mistake:
(a) The decision of setting up factory in residential area should be reverted.
(b) The company should donate for providing facilities to the society.

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