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You want to wear your favourite shirt to a party, but the problem is that it is still wet after a wash. What steps would you take to dry it faster ?

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This can be done by the following (any one or more) steps
(i) Dry it under the fan Under the fan when the speed of wind increases, the particles of water vapour from the shirt move away with the wind, decreasing the amount of water vapour in the surroundings. It increases the rate of evaporation of water and the washed wet shirt dries more quickly.
(ii) Use hanger for exposing its larger surface to air When shirt is spread, it has large surface area. This makes the evaporation of water faster. Due to this, shirt dries up more quickly.
(iii) Dry it in Sun On sunny day, temperature of atmosphere is more, therefore, the rate of evaporation increases. It is because, on increasing temperature, more particles of water get enough kinetic energy to go into the vapour state. This increases the rate of evaporation.
(iv) Use iron By the use of iron, temperature increases and water converts into vapour state (steam)  very quickly. Hence, rate of evaporation increases and shirt dries very quickly.

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