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Provide me latest MCQ Questions for Class 9 Geography Chapter 3 Drainage Free PDF Download so I can prepare for exams. Kindly give Chapter 3 Drainage Class 9 Geography Social Science MCQs Questions with Answers quickly as it is very essential.

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Below you will find MCQ Questions of Chapter 3 Drainage Class 9 Geography Free PDF Download that will help you in gaining good marks in the examinations and also cracking competitive exams. These Class 9 MCQ Questions with answers will widen your skills and understand concepts in a better manner.

MCQ Questions for Class 9 Geography Chapter 3 Drainage with answers

1. Which one of the following is not a lake created by human beings?

(a) Gobind Sagar

(b) Nizam Sagar

(c) Barapani

(d) Hirakud

► (c) Barapani

2. Which of the following states is not drained by the Godavari river?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Himachal Pradesh

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Chhattisgarh

► (b) Himachal Pradesh

3. Which of the following affects the self-cleansing capacity of the river?

(a) Aquatic organisms

(b) Drawing of water for irrigation

(c) Hydroelectricity generation

(d) Pollution

► (d) Pollution

4. Which of the following rivers is not a tributary of river Godavari?

(a) Purna

(b) Ghatprabha

(c) Wardha

(d) Pranhita

► (b) Ghatprabha

5. Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?           

(a) Sambhar

(b) Dal

(c) Wular

(d) Govind Sager

► (a) Sambhar

6. Where are most of the freshwater lakes located ?       

(a) Himalayan region

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Peninsular region

(d) All of the above

► (a) Himalayan region

7. Why have the river banks attracted settlers from ancient times?

(a) Water is a basic natural resource

(b) Rivers provide water for irrigation

(c) Rivers provide facilities for inland navigation

(d) All of the above

► (d) All of the above

8. A river along with its tributaries is known as _______ .

(a) River system

(b) Delta

(c) George

(d) Estuaries

► (a) River system

9. Which one of the following freshwater lakes is the largest?

(a) Wular

(b) Loktak

(c) Nainital

(d) Dal

► (a) Wular

10. The river Narmada has its source at

(a) Amarkantak

(b) Vindhya range 

(c) Satpura range

(c) Nainital

(d) All of the above

► (a) Amarkantak

11. Where does the river Indus rise?

(a) Tibet

(b) Himalayan

(c) Kailash

(d) All of the above

► (a) Tibet

12. The Dibang and the Lohit are the tributaries of the river

(a) Mahanadi

(b) Narmada

(c) Godavari

(d) Brahmaputra

► (d) Brahmaputra

13. Lakes are of great value to human beings. Which of the following statements about lakes given below is incorrect?

(a) Helps to regulate the flow of rivers

(b) It results in flooding

(c) Can be used for developing hydel power

(d) Enhances natural beauty

► (b) It results in flooding

14. Which of the following is an artificial lake located in Andhra Pradesh?

(a) Kolleru

(b) Nagarjuna Sagar

(c) Krishnaraja Sagar

(d) Vembanad

► (b) Nagarjuna Sagar

15. Which of the following is the description of the term drainage?

(a) The area drained by a single river system

(b) The river system of an area

(c) An upland that separates two drainage basins

(d) None of the above

► (b) The river system of an area

16.  Which of the following rivers rises from the slopes of the Western Ghats in the Nasik district of Maharashtra?

(a) Mahanadi

(b) Narmada

(c) Godavari

(d) Koyna

► (c) Godavari

17. Where does the Tapi river rise:

(a) Amarkantak

(b) Indore

(c) Betul

(d) Bhopal

► (c) Betul

18. Through which of the two states does the river Kaveri pass through?

(a) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

(b) Karnataka and Kerala

(c) Kerala and Tamil Nadu

(d) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

► (a) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

19. Which of the following is the saline water lake?

(a) Sambhar

(b) Dal

(c) Wular

(d) Barapan

► (a) Sambhar

20. Which one of the following describes the drainage patterns resembling the branches of a tree ?           

(a) Radial

(b) Dendritic  

(c) Centrifugal

(d) Trellis

► (b) Dendritic  

21. Which is the largest river basin in India ?           

(a) Kaveri

(b) Yamuna

(c) Ganga

(d) Son

► (c) Ganga

22. The drainage basin of which of the following rivers covers parts of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu?

(a) Godavari

(b) Krishna

(c) Kaveri

(d) Musi

► (c) Kaveri

23. Name the city located on the water divide between the Indus and the Ganga River system-           

(a) Kanpur

(b) Jaipur

(c) Ambala

(d) Nagpur

► (c) Ambala

24. Which of the following is not one of the causes of river pollution?

(a) Dumping of garbage

(b) Aquatic organisms and algae

(c) Discharge of untreated sewage

(d) Discharge of industrial effluents

► (b) Aquatic organisms and algae

25. The area drained by a single river system is called a

(a) Water shed

(b) Drainage basin

(c) Water divide

(d) Drainage Line

► (b) Drainage basin

26. According to the Indus Water Treaty 1960, how much water carried by the Indus river system can be used by India?

(a) 10 per cent of the total water

(b) 20 per cent of the total water

(c) 30 per cent of the total water

(d) 40 per cent of the total water

► (b) 20 per cent of the total water

27. The two head streams of the Ganga unite at ?           

(a) Haridwar

(b) Lucknow

(c) Dev Prayag

(d) Delhi

► (c) Dev Prayag

28. Which of the following is a famous lake of Srinagar in Kashmir?

(a) Sambhar

(b) Bhimtal

(c) Chilika

(d) Dal

► (d) Dal

Hope the given MCQ Questions will help you in cracking exams with good marks. These Drainage MCQ Questions will help you in practising more and more questions in less time.

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